Dark Horse Institute Offering Free Live Recording

Do you play an instrument and like live music? Your Friday night just got awesome, because Dark Horse Institute is offering FREE live recording during the 2015 Full Moon Pickin Parties! A few weeks ago, we did an article on Dark Horse Institute’s involvement with Friends of Warner Park and this year’s series of Full Moon Pickin Parties which are held every month on the weekend of the full moon. As you may have heard, DHI will be offering free, live recording sessions during each of the Full Moon Pickin Parties this year. That’s up to forty-five individual recording sessions! Needless to say we’ve got our work cut out for us, but it’s all in good fun and for a great cause!

May 29, 2015 Full Moon Pickin PartyThe first Full Moon Pickin Party was a huge success and we had the opportunity to have eight live recording sessions last Friday night. At first, however, the night looked doomed from the start as overcast skies brewed a hellacious rain storm that lasted about 20 minutes-completely drenching everything outside of the horse stables. Luckily, we were completely covered and happily setting up recording gear during the down pour! Amazingly, the skies cleared and the bands had an unbelievable backdrop behind them while a slightly smaller-than-normal crowd made themselves comfortable in the pasture.

Up the hill, the barn was rockin! We had eight Dark Horse Institute student/alumni volunteers who got their hands dirty (literally) in stall #16 as they set upFull Moon Pickin Party_The Stable Sessions and tore down the sessions, and helped Grammy winning live sound engineer Steve Lamm, monitor the microphone inputs on the mic pre’s and in Pro Tools. Halfway down the hall in another corridor, several blue grass pickers had gathered and soon found themselves surrounded by a small crowd of onlookers, amazed at the talent before their eyes. With each live recording session that took place in stall #16, new friendships were made, talent was introduced, and lasting impressions formed on the souls of anyone there who appreciated a good tune.

In the weeks to come, be on the look out for Dark Horse Institute to release the content recorded from The Stable Sessions inaugural evening at the Full Moon Pickin Party. Make sure to comment or let us know if you’ll be in attendance this summer and we can hook you up with some DHI swag! Also, you can pre-register for a time slot to be recorded between 7pm-10pm by emailing sean@darkhorseinstitute.com or calling Dark Horse Institute directly at 615-791-7020. Hope to see you soon!

Full Moon Pickin Party_The Stable Sessions

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