Do it Yourself Studio: $20 Sound GOBO at Home

We stumbled across this cool DIY after receiving requests on how to make one of these gobos.  There are a couple of ways you can do this but Dave Eric Smith, wins the prize for most functional and creative!  And he is featured in this edition of our Do it Yourself Studio Blog!  Check out his video below.


Pretty Cool.  You can of course upgrade to a sheet of Auralex or something else.  But for $10, you can’t beat Dave’s Method!  I personally have tried to use a piece of sheet metal, but it wouldn’t hold shape, was sharp and hard to work with.  Another cool idea I have seen is to use the old popcorn tins cut out one half, drill a hole in the bottom to mount and the stand and throw insulation in it.  But it’s a lot more work and you will probably bleed once or twice.

GooseneckDave admits to not having a perfect way to mount it, and its true you could do whatever works for you.  However it might be worth it to buy some of the old gooseneck Mic holders and modify one of those.  They go for about 5-6 Bucks.  You can even find clamps to hold it all together at your local hardware or music store.

Dave was gracious enough to create a picture guide for the Construction of the Paint Grids.  You can find it by clicking here!


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