What we look for in a candidate for our Audio Engineering Program

Hello everyone!  My name is Tony Bostic and I head up admissions for Dark Horse Institute in Franklin, TN.  This premier audio engineering school is based on a principle that traditional classrooms, and college experiences, miss the mark when it comes to training the next generation of audio engineers.   It is our belief that the road to success begins with a full-immersion, hands-on approach to education; and our unique 14-week program provides just that.

Located within the heart of historic Franklin, TN, Dark Horse Institute offers two state-of-the-art locations.  One nestled in the comfort of a laid-back horse ranch, and the other with a more urban-vibed facility housed in The Factory of historic downtown.  Both campuses, each housing two unique studios, offer top industry equipment and world-class rooms.  It is here that our students are exposed to hands-on training, administered by experienced and professional engineers, in real working studios.

Probably the most common question I receive in admissions is, “what are you looking for in a candidate for your program?”  The answers to this question are greatly important and are really broken into 3 responses.  Why three?  Because here at Dark Horse Institute, we have three main admissions tools that we use–Application, Essay, and Interview.

The Application

Let’s start with the application.  You might not think that this would matter a lot, but it actually can tell us a great deal about the potential of a candidate.  For instance, we look for those applications that have been filled out completely and correctly.  If someone does not take the time to fill out the entire application, then we assume that they have no attention to detail.  When it’s not filled out correctly, we assume that the applicant does not process information well.  Attention to detail and being able process information are vital components when taking our program, and an applicant showing the previous signs would be a red flag.

The Essay

Another important part of the admissions process is the essay.  This is the candidate’s opportunity to give a well thought out response as to why he/she would be a great fit for our audio engineering program, and what contribution they feel they can make to our industry.  We look for essays that are well written as well as grammatically correct.  The content allows an applicant to show us their determination and passion for the music industry.  We want people who are not only technically savvy, but who possess a strong desire to do well and make their mark on the business.  Music is a tough way to make a living, but those who work hard and are passionate, as well as knowledgeable, can do very well.  This is what we look for in the essay.Audio Engineering Program

The Interview

Finally, the interview is the best way to prove oneself as an outstanding candidate for our audio engineering program.  During the interview we ask a varied series of questions designed to uncover what the applicants’ experiences, prior knowledge, and passions are.  We want students that have realistic expectations of the music industry and who possess a strong work ethic.  One’s work ethic is so important not only for our program, but also for a new engineer working to build one’s business.  We pay close attention to

how an applicant acts, speaks, and listens during an interview.  Someone who looks me in the eye, shakes my hand, and gives articulate answers, has a strong chance at doing well in this business.  Assuming the application, essay, and interview go well, we would offer this candidate a seat in one of our classes.

Someone once said that success is reached when the line of preparation intersects with the line of opportunity.  Dark Horse Institute aims to give students the best preparation for a career in audio engineering and production.  Applicants interested in taking this step towards their dreams should pay close attention to their application, essay, and interview.  Following the advice laid out above will give you the competitive edge to make yourself stand out from the crowd.  We will give you the tools you need to be a great engineer.  However, you must then work hard and network well in order to create lines of opportunity that will lead to your success.



If you have any questions for Tony  about our Audio Engineering Program you can contact him at tony@darkhorseinstitute.com or click here for more information


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