Eli Young Band, Discuss Recording Their Hit Album at Dark Horse!

An excerpt from a recent media interview with “The Eli Young Band” at Dark Horse Recording.

The recording process was quite unique, as you basically lived in the studio while recording.

Did that help keep it a comfortable atmosphere?

We recorded at Dark Horse Studios in Franklin, Tenn., which is about an hour outside of Nashville. It’s basically a studio made of cabins out in the countryside, so you go out there and you live there. You wake up in the morning, get your cup of coffee and walk into the studio. When you’re done at the studio, you walk into your cabin and hang out [laughs]! It makes for a really, really comfortable environment. [Our producer] Mike Wrucke knows how to push us and definitely get the best out of us. He’s an old friend of ours, and he’s a pleasure to work with. So there is that comfort level, too.

HERE’S a link to the new video.
CMT : Videos : Eli Young Band : Even if It Breaks Your Heart
Watch Eli Young Band’s music video Even if It Breaks Your Heart for free on CMT.com

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