Getting Connected in the Music Industry

There are plenty of stories about artists who hole up in a cabin in the middle of nowhere to discover their inner inspiration. In fact, solitude can sometimes be just what the ol creative pump needs. But what happens in between the moments of silence? I mean, what happens when you’re not making a hit, angst-filled breakup album? It’s not shocking to realize that the common ground between many artistic people is that they’re not the most outgoing personalities. How dare I say that? Because I’m the pot calling the kettle black…I’m one of those people. In fact, this Travelocity video got me rolling!

So as the guy who too often is willing to enjoy the sounds and smells of nature through an open window with the TV on, I have one message for all of my creative friends:

Inspiration takes work!

This excerpt from “FOO FIGHTERS’ GROHL On How Recording ‘Sonic Highways’ In Different Cities Affected Album’s Sound” 

sonichighway_davegrohl_1200_article_story_large“Speaking about how the environment can affect the sound of a record, Grohl said: “Well, there’s so many elements that… It could be the room, it could be the studio, it could be the board, it could be the city, it could be the accent or the tempo of the city. It could be the geography or the history or the culture of the place. So it turned into kind of a bigger conversation of regional music — like, why did the blues go to Chicago? Or why did jazz come from New Orleans? Or [why is] Nashville the country capital? But all of these reasons happened for non-musical reasons. Blues made its way to Chicago because after black emancipation, millions of people from the South moved up North just to get work, but they took the music they were singing in the South up to Chicago, and the city changed the sound of their music. So the blues that Muddy Waters was playing in the South on the plantation was way different than what he was doing when he got up to Chicago, because he got an amplifier and it turned into Chicago blues.”

Go and Smell The Roses!

So then what? Am I suggesting that we all hit the road and make a record in every city across the globe? Nope. I may be beating around the bush, but I think you more than see the point that creativity is more than scrolling through every synth preset on Virtual Instruments. It takes people, friends, and living LIFE! It’s so easy for a new Dark Horse Institute student to move here from Smalltown, USA only to spend each of their nights alone, in their apartment. “I don’t know anyone!” they’d say. “I don’t know the area!” they’d proclaim. But those reasons are rarely the main cause of concern. The number one reason people are slow to connect is simply because it’s outside of their comfort zone. And with that realization at hand, I’m happy to report that the most growth happens when people are uncomfortable! Getting connected in the music industry is tough-only if you choose not to see past the smoke and mirrors. Talk to people. Ask questions. Write to the people who inspire you. Take acquaintances to coffee or lunch.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll be side by side with the very people who have inspired you in the first place!

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