How Do I Start a Career in the Music Industry

It’s a dream for anyone that enjoys music to land a job in Nashville, Los Angeles or New York in the Music Industry.  It’s were the songs you love so much are created from nothing to selling millions of copies.  For many it’s a dream to sit in the studio while the magic happens, sit in at the Grammy’s and backstage on a tour bus.  There are a lot of ways to start a career in the music industry, even if you don’t have talent, much like myself.  This is the number 1 question, we usually get asked.

Music Recording School, Audio Engineering SchoolWe emphasize to our students that everyone you will work with, for and over are all just like you and I.  They all have a Mom, they all need food and water and they all sleep (in the industry, maybe a little less sleep.)  We tell them this because they control their careers more than any one person does.  If you work hard enough, and it can be hard, you can become one of the people that you look up to.

There are a couple tips we can give you though.

Never Stop Learning

Never assume you know enough to get by, this industry is constantly changing with upgrades and advances in technology.  Right when you think you have a grasp on how something works, it changes.  We’ve had students that have been in the industry for years and take our course simply because it’s a great way to learn the new technologies.  Read blogs, magazines and go to trade shows.  You will ALWAYS learn something new.

Never Stop Trying

It’s pretty well known that the entertainment industry in general is very competitive and tough to get into.  Saying that, most people that make it do so based on a happen chance.  When you are in a city like Nashville, those chances of course are higher and more likely.  You never know who you might meet, that might know someone.  If you give up on that, those chances will dwindle.  Stay positive and outgoing, this speaks more than actions or talent any day.  Never turn down any opportunity no matter how small or menial.

Always be Prepared

Just like a boy scout, you should treat every day as if a great opportunity is going to come your way.  If you play an instrument, always have it with you if possible.  Be ready to play at a moments’ notice.  If you are an engineer, music production, audio engineering schoolproducer even roadie, always be on the top of your game.  Have a business card and give it to everyone, act as if everyone you meet may know someone, in Nashville, that just may be the case.

Pay Your Dues

There are few things that can kill your career before it even starts.  One of the big ones is a sense of entitlement.  You may own a fancy car, big studio or expensive gear or nothing at all.  You are all on the same level.  With such a tight knit community, your reputation will proceed you, even if you do not believe you are important.  So it’s always safer to stay humble and gracious.

The Truth is everyone has their own story and outcome.  But remembering these four tips will only help you in your journey to your dream job.


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