How To Become An Audio Engineer Without A Degree

Insiders View From Dark Horse Institute

The best way to become one, is to learn from one! You will also need to develop a good set of ears, so you’ll want to study in a place that allows you do just that. Passionate audio students enroll in programs that are solely audio-focused, allowing a significant portion of their time for tracking, editing and mixing. If you are pursuing a career in audio engineering and searching for a dynamic place to learn your craft, Dark Horse Institute provides tactical learning, within a real working studio, taught by professional engineers. A degree is not necessary in this industry; however proficiency in Pro Tools, critical listening skills and detailed client services are a must.

Many students don’t have the time to go to college for four years to earn a degree and then look for a job. Most people don’t even have two years to attend a trade school. Both are expensive, not only in tuition, but in room and board, travel and lost income. We know that time is of the essence and we want to help you find your dream job more efficiently. That is why Dark Horse Institute has a Fast Track 3-month program so you can learn what it takes to be a great audio engineer faster than you ever thought possible and for a fraction of the cost of traditional schools.

Our instructors will have you practicing your skills from day one so you can begin your career sooner. We understand that you may not want to go the traditional route of a 4-year college or 2-year vocational school, so we cut out the unnecessary general electives and we solely teach audio engineering. Every minute of every class is spent in a real recording studio or at a Digital Audio Workstation.

Dark Horse Institute graduates are often working in the field long before their peers who opted for a traditional learning environment. We’re so committed to teaching you the essentials, we even have you practice what you’ve learned in your final project: recording, editing, and mixing a 6-song EP for two bands of different genres.




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