Do it Yourself Acoustic Diffusers

The biggest mistake made by home studios, and even some professional ones, is buying pre-manufactured acoustic diffusion and absorption panels that don’t fit their needs. You can create unique and specialized pieces yourself that not only make your studio sound better, but look cooler too.  One of the coolest and personalized pieces you can make is your own acoustic diffusers. Diffusers work by scattering and canceling out sound waves at certain frequencies. So, if you find that certain frequencies really overpower your mix in your room but then sound quiet when you listen in other places, it might be time for some diffusers.

With a little work, some basic tools and some technical help, you can make your home studio look and sound like a professional space and your mixes will translate better.  I stumbled upon a extremely cool program that will tell you exactly what you need for your space.

The Skyline Calculator will create a personalized template for your diffuser.  Simply enter the frequency you wish to kill and the size of the panel you want and it will create a template for you to follow.  You can then make the DIY diffuser from scratch!  The best part is you can create them from any material you like.  Obviously wood is preferred, but you can embed a Logo or image in them by staining or painting the tips on the boards!

The Guys over at the DSP Project have created a great video of just how simple this is to make your own Acoustic Diffusers. Check it out:

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