Is Nimbit the New Myspace?

Since the dawn of MySpace musicians and management opened a way to communicate and share their music with each other and fans like never before.  They had a platform that they could be themselves, show off their music and many artists have built careers on it.  Since MySpace fell off of the Internet spectrum we have seen a few sites sprout up trying to fill the void.  As technology advances,  we need more ways to engage with fans, colleagues and artists than ever before.  This is where Nimbit comes in.

Nimbit is the newest in direct-to-fan sales, promotion, and career management solutions for independent artists and their teams through Web-based services.  Similar to Reverbnation but a little more flexible.  Here’s why.

Nimbit gives you the general music hosting page customized to your band and brand, online store and mailing list management.   Where nimbit stands out to me as a promoter and artist are some of the other features.

Sell from your Site

One rule of thumb for anybody with a website is to keep them on your page.  You don’t want people walking into a store deciding they want to buy something then say, you have to go down the block to actually pay for it and pick it up.  Other services will do just that.  You can have a “Buy” button on your website, but you get redirected to their site to pay for it.  This navigates people away from your site.  Nimbit offers a Merch Table” that you can park ON your page, fans stay ON your page to shop and they pay ON your page.  So when their purchase is complete they are still on your site, listening to your tunes.

Your Own Box Office and Street Team

One of the really cool unique services that Nimbit offers is the ability to sale tickets to your shows and collect their information.  They also give fans the ability to “Check in” to your show so you know exactly who was there and can thank them personally, add them to your mailing list and engage with them.

Fundraising and Pre sales

One thing that always hurts talented people who don’t have much funding is ordering CD’s and purchasing the upload fees.  Nimbit actually gives your fans the ability to fund your albums.  Most other sites will also charge you for that ability but this is offered to you for free!

Get Paid

Let’s say you play for multiple groups or manage multiple groups.  One thing that always gets sloppy and can be a pain is paying everyone or getting paid for a gig and release or merch sales.  Not only that but you can create UPCs and Barcodes on your own.

Save Space

So you have some great merch: Vinyls, shirts, posters, mugs… but you have a 500 sq ft apartment.  Nimbit offers product fulfillment, it is an extra charge, but well worth it if you sell a lot of physical merch.


But I can’t do it as much justice as they can.  So check out the Vid!

For me, I think it might be time to switch!

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