Real World: The Best Kind of Audio Engineer Training

At Dark Horse Institute, we believe that the best kind of audio engineer training is real world experience – making real records, using real gear. Our students have personal access to Pro Tools labs, 4 large format studios (with SSL, Trident, and C24 consoles), and free studio time at Dark Horse Recording. But sometimes, even with loads of hands on experience, it means seeing how audio engineering is done at other studios! Last week, one of the Dark Horse Institute classes took a field trip to Hey World Productions, a home studio in Nashville, to see how Director of Student Services, Sean Rogers, operates as a free lance producer and audio engineer.

Audio Engineer training field trip to Hey World Productions

A Day at Hey World Productions

The students trained in topics like recording studio acoustics, virtual instruments, and even did a little practical audio recording. “…It was really encouraging to see a less commercial recording studio setting and realize what can still be obtained,” said audio engineering student, Taylor Hill. The importance of the field trip was to bring to light how real people are achieving success in the music industry, using all the different environments modern day recording has allowed.

“For me,” stated DHI employee and Hey World Productions owner Sean Rogers, “It’s important for these guys to know that they can be successful. A lot of our students aspire to have their own recording studio someday, and I think seeing a place like Hey World allows them to visualize it for themselves.” Each student took part in setting up the recording session, patching and routing signal flow, and even got to use some of the virtual instruments for themselves. 

audio engineer training field trip to Hey World Productions“Obviously recording drums in a home studio with 7 and a half feet ceilings is less than ideal…” concluded Sean Rogers. “I think it clicked for the students why a commercial studio like Dark Horse Recording has been so massively successful over the years, and why it’s so important that it continue to be a big part of the recording process.” 

Important, indeed. Dark Horse Institute is always striving to push the envelope in real-world education and hands-on audio engineer training. Current student, Trae Rudd (pictured right) exclaimed, “The opportunity to visit and experience a working home studio? That simply wouldn’t happen at an ordinary school. The staff at Dark Horse are truly passionate about their students and they genuinely care about their success. I look forward to every day at Dark Horse!”

*Check back next Thursday for another close up look at Dark Horse Institute’s audio engineer training!

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