Recent DHI Graduate Justin Mehl Shares Some of His Thoughts on Our Audio Engineering Program

“My first impression of Dark Horse Studio was at best overwhelming. A few hours into the program had my level of knowledge past the point of trying it on my own for two years. Accelerated is the only way to describe how you learn here. As you’re moving along all the pieces start coming together fairly quickly. Microphone placement and signal flow blew my mind, but preamp, compressor, and EQ selection less so. Coming into the program with some experience gave me comfort, although everyone brought their own personal strengths to the program. I can accurately say we all are all leaving well rounded and prepared.

This past week, our class took our new found knowledge and set our sights on the band Lazar Lazar. We tracked six songs for them over the course of a week. From there we moved to mixing for the next. Learning as you go is the best way for me personally to learn. I had looked into more “traditional” schools and I saw a lot of class rooms without any sort of audio equipment in them. As far as audio engineering goes I figured if the classes were literally held in a professional recording studio how could much more could I learn here. The answer (albeit biased) is lots, but having had the opportunity to work along side some students of other schools, I can say this school sets you on a level that might take two years to achieve elsewhere. The teachers here are great and don’t just give you the answer. They make you learn it. They are real world engineers and are not in the least bit troubled to go the extra distance to make sure you grasp firmly what it is they are teaching. My favorite thing about this school is that it is not based in theory or what may be. It is the application and execution of coursework material that sets this program apart.”


  • My 19 year old son want to take this course and want to support him in his decision, my question to you is how more employable are you now than before taking the class. It’s a very expensive class and to me as a parent is all about employment.
    thank you for your response.

    • Thanks for the Question, The truth is, unless he has experience in an operating studio, it’s very hard to find work. We give him the hands on approach and opportunity to learn along side teachers that have Gold and Platinum credits under their names, while IN a studio. It’s like a pilot, a private pilot knows how a plane works and how to fly a small one, but would you want a pilot that never flew a 747 landing it? Our Program will take them from understanding principles, to having the confidence to operate even the trickiest of tracks. This is important to hiring studios and companies. We also place students in an area that they will network with industry leaders. Doing this on your own is a 1 in a million chance of success.


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