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We’ve just launched our largest competition in Dark Horse history.  We are holding a competition where your fans, friends and family can help you win a $15000 Recording Giveaway in Nashville.  You may have seen other competitions like this or may think that “I don’t have the following to enter.”  The key is knowing the secrets!

Here’s some tips on how to make your video stand out and get more votes.

#1 Create a Video

This may sound like a no brainer since it is required to enter.  But what hurts a lot of entrants is the fact that they don’t put much effort into it.  If you have a video already that’s great, but why not create something just for this contest.  It doesn’t have to be professional, it could be on your phone, laptop or camera.  Create a little intro, say your name, where you are from and sing it in your bathroom if you have to!  Style Points don’t count!

#2 Be Genuine

When it comes to appealing to people for their support, there is nothing that will help you more than being genuine and kind.  Just like in Kickstarter videos, the key is being confident but humble.  Being likable is more important than just about any other element, you may be great and have a killer video, but without the personal touch, why would a total stranger feel you are deserving?

#3 Be Unique

Perform something that is catchy and enjoyable.  Maybe a cover of a popular song with your own twist.  Use this is a way to promote your music not only your odds in the contest.

#4 Invite people to vote, OFTEN

We aren’t saying hammer your friends, family and fans with “Vote for me” posts.  But remember that each IP address can vote once a day, this includes you and any other devices you have.  Post at least once a day to get the most out of the contest.  Remember to send all your fans to  And remind them they can vote 1 time per IP address a day.

#5 Use Social Media, All of it!

What’s cool about contests is the ability to post to every network imaginable!  Create an image and post it on Instagram, Write a tumblr post.  Make a youtube channel.  Hit everyone possible, it’s a great way to get new fans too!  If you cover someone’s song, mention them in a tweet, they may just repost it to all of their fans!

#6 Use Hashtags

Be sure to use hashtags when posting, especially #DHI and #NashvilleDreamRecording.  You can also use other hashtags to gain fans and votes by using hashtags that are trending and relevant!

#7 Get help from friends!

Have your friends post to their friends to help you out, and encourage their friends to do the same! Sure you may share half of their friends, but the other half is an untapped resource.

#8 Use incentives

One way to encourage people to vote is to offer something in return.  Maybe it’s a free download of your new EP! If you have merch or stickers you could offer something to the person who votes the most.  Or even an itunes gift card.  Create a contest within the contest!

#9 Follow Us!

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!  We will post randomly selected videos everyday and post them ourselves.  If you aren’t following us, you won’t know when we do!  Use our posts to help garner votes!  You can Follow us on twitter @darkhorseinst and on face book at

#10 Remember that we pick a wildcard!

So you may not be getting a lot of votes and someone else may be blowing you out of the water.  There’s still hope.  We are going to pick someone that we think should get through to the final four.  So follow our tips and you may just get picked.  What are we looking for?  A talented, genuine and humble person.  Be yourself and sing or play your heart out!

There you have it.  Some great tips to help YOU win the $15000 Recording Giveaway.  Can you think of any other tips?  Let us know!

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