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Audio Engineer Salaries | What You Can Expect

Audio Engineer Salaries | What You Can Expect Audio Engineer Salaries

Want to start a career in Audio Engineering, but are unsure whether the salary of an audio engineer is worth investing your time and money? Unsure whether the ROI will be worth it, and wondering which city may be the best place to even begin your search in? There’s a plethora of research and data […]

Audio Engineering Careers | Finding The Right Choice | Part 2

Audio Engineering Careers | Finding The Right Choice | Part 2 Audio Engineering Live Sound

Audio Engineering Careers Live Sound Engineers: Welcome to the second in a series of Dark Horse Institute blogs covering some of the dozens of jobs available to a person who has the skills, ears, and passion for pursuing a career as an Audio Engineer. Besides Studio Engineers, another excellent career path for those wanting to […]

Dark Horse Institute Offering Free Live Recording

Do you play an instrument and like live music? Your Friday night just got awesome, because Dark Horse Institute is offering FREE live recording during the 2015 Full Moon Pickin Parties! A few weeks ago, we did an article on Dark Horse Institute’s involvement with Friends of Warner Park and this year’s series of Full Moon […]

Dark Horse Institute Joins Full Moon Pickin Party 2015

Your guarantee for summer fun starts May 29th! Dark Horse Institute has partnered with Friends of Warner Parks for this year’s Full Moon Pickin Party events! Imagine yourself on a warm summer’s night strolling through the lights and sounds of about 2,500 of Nashville’s finest pickers – acoustic guitars, basses, banjos, mandolins, harmonicas, and more […]

Fun Things to do Around Nashville March 27 – April 2

The Nashville Sessions -By Becki Sessions Pic of the Week: Hey Friends! Welcome to another week of The Nashville Sessions! Spring has finally decided to stick around and when the weather is nice, you can count on the fact that I’ll probably be at a show. Check out all the things going on this week […]

DHI Student Life: Interview with Trae Rudd

We sat down with current student, Trae Rudd to ask a few questions about his Dark Horse Institute experience so far. What’s it like to be a student at Dark Horse Institute? Trae: It’s like a big ball of fun every day! (laughs) I love that recording concepts and skills are slowly added on throughout the […]

Fun Things to do Around Nashville This Week

The Nashville Sessions -by Becki Sessions After an unusual month of weather here in February we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of SPRING here at DHI. It’s easy to get a little seasonal depression when its cold and gloomy, but luckily there are always plenty of fun things to do around Nashville this week! With […]

Audio Engineering in the Film Industry

Audio Engineering in Films Being in Nashville it’s easy to get caught up in the studio album trap.  But the truth is that there are a lot of careers and jobs outside of the mainstream audio engineering studio jobs.  Because of this and because I’m a HUGE horror film buff and composer myself, I wanted […]

The 6 Elements for a Perfect Audio Mix

The Perfect Audio Mix There are 6 elements to mixing music that engineers and producers follow that make up the mixing process.  They are Balance, Frequency Range, Panorama, Dimension, Dynamics and Interest. Each one of these elements are just as important as the next.  It should be noted that each process is important by themselves, […]

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