Week #1 of Our Late Summer Recording Arts Program is Complete

This week we’ve been tackling some basic, but nonetheless essential elements of the craft. When talking about the Recording Arts and Music Production, there is so much to learn. We discussed the major types of microphones and the defining characteristics of each. Then we delved deep into the different types of speakers and amplifiers and their functions, before moving into techniques and angles for setting up microphones to track acoustic and electric guitars.

The studios have been busy as usual this week with Kirk Whalum, Grammy Award Winning Artist and one of the most respected Sax players in the world, finishing up his sessions with us. The 9 students in this class are all rocking. They are asking plenty of solid questions, and several are staying late each night after class to further their education, hands-on style. They are working on the gear, learning how to repair and solder, and just hanging around to see who they might meet with some of the other sessions coming in. It’s nice, they all seem to respect and care about one another already and we’re just one week in. THAT is a lesson… that we can’t really teach.

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