A Guest Student Blog Entry, from Audio Engineering Student, Steven Lance.

And here is a video and guest blog from our student Steven Lance. Music in the background on the video by “Chasing Summer! Enjoy!

“Having been in music for multiple years, I didn’t want to wait any longer for my ideas and dreams to come true. Education was going to be the cornerstone of what would take me there. After researching multiple schools and institutions, Dark Horse offered what all the other schools did, in a fraction of the time – this was enough to get me to Nashville. Upon arriving, besides the syllabus, I didn’t know what to expect. I thought I already knew what I was doing for the most part, after all I had been producing for years. At Dark Horse I learned that I had been missing some key fundamentals that if I hadn’t known (which I didn’t) would have set me back in the future, probably enough to hinder my whole career. I quickly realized the same thing that happened on Day 1 happened on Day 2 and Day 3 and so on and so forth where my mind was just blown away by what I did not yet know.

The fact that this program is so “hands on” allows us to learn at an accelerated rate. In a mere 2 weeks I have learned everything from Basic Signal Flow to precise and proper Microphone Techniques. How to calibrate and fully record tracks on analog tape machines (the ones the Beatles used) to Neve Flying Faders and detailed patching techniques. Most of all in Week 2 we’ve learned how to Critically Listen. ACTIVELY listen and use what we hear to create other ways to use musical sounds…to create better music. A skill that really needs developing to succeed in any audio engineering and producing career. I feel that Dark Horse has taken me further in 2 weeks than my entire life experience has.”

Check out this video with Steven. Please click below.

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