DHI Student Brad Roth on His Time in Audio Engineering Here So Far!

My experience at The Dark Horse Institute so far has been amazing. The weeks leading up to it were kind of nerve-racking though. I didn’t know if I would fit in, if I would be able to keep up with the class, or if I was really making the best career decision.

I decided to come to Dark Horse after one semester at Belmont University. Its not that they didn’t have a good program, it was mostly the fact that I didn’t want to spend $100,000 at a school over four years. Also, I didn’t like how I wouldn’t be doing a lot of hands on work for the first couple of years. This is what made Dark Horse so attractive to me.

The first day we were already being shown things like the console, patch bay, and microphones. It makes it so much easier to understand how things work when you are able to actually do it yourself. Also, class sizes are pretty small so everyone has the chance to participate and get help from the instructors. And speaking of instructors, one of the best perks of attending Dark Horse is that our teachers are real recording engineers who have recorded major artists. They have a high amount of experience in the industry and it really shows in class. In the past 4 weeks, I have learned more than I have from the previous 4 months at Belmont. The program here is very fast paced, but that’s what I love about it. I don’t want to sit for years at a college, digging a deeper hole into debt. I would much rather learn all the necessary things to be successful, and start my career. Recording gear seems a lot more beneficial than student loans.

So far my favorite part of Dark Horse is that I have access to any of the studios whenever I want. If I want to stay after class and record some drum tracks, or edit my own music, they encourage it. They want us to have as much experience as possible. I don’t know of any other multi-million dollar studios that allow that. I am only a third of the way done with the program here and Dark Horse has exceeded my expectations. I knew I was going to learn a lot, but wasn’t expecting to learn as much as I have by now. I am looking forward to the weeks ahead and the start of my career after that. I am confident Dark Horse will teach me the necessary factors in order to be successful. Stay tuned later this week for a video I shot sharing more thoughts on DHI!

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