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One of the biggest challenges, whether you are recording at home, mixing a track or recording at a studio is acoustics. As an engineer or producer knowing how acoustics work is just as important as knowing how the board works. You may not be aware of this but our friends over at Auralex have made it possible for you to learn this sitting right at your computer. Their Acoustics 101 and Auralex University gives you the most extensive online resources for acoustics we have ever seen.  Not only is there a downloadable booklet, but in the University there is an interactive classroom where you can listen to multiple samples to not only hear the difference, but know why there is a difference.

Acoustic Treatments have come a far way egg crate and blankets.  Auralex is always on the cutting edge and offers many online resources from Room Analyzers and Kit Calculators.  By far one of the coolest things I have seen is the Sonic prints, which features pictures to replace those drab black, gray and purples.  You can even upload your own images for them to print.


Sonic Prints
Auralex Sonic Prints

If you are interested in Audio Engineering and producing we highly recommend you check out the resources Auralex gives you for free.  Any additional tool in your belt will make you stand out to an employer and will give you the edge you need to make it in a competitive market.

For all of these resources, click on a link below:

Auralex University

Acoustics 101

Sonic Prints 

Custom Room Analyzer



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