Common Mixing Mistakes To Avoid

Mixing MistakesThere is no “right way” when mixing but there are some mistakes that you can make that will hurt you mix and make it poor sounding to other people. One of the biggest problems I hear most often with student or amateur mixes is an excess of low frequencies. Because most people who are starting off mixing in small spaces or in headphones they aren’t able to hear their low frequencies properly and end up over compensating for the lack of bass they are hearing in their space or headphones. This over compensation causes mixes to sound very bass heavy and boomy. To avoid this mistake, you should always have a few reference tracks to compare your mix to. Another way to avoid this is to listen to your mix on as many different speakers as you can. Check it in your car, on your home stereo, on your laptop speakers, and any pairs of headphones you may have.READ MORE

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