Careers in the Recording Arts

Today is a good day because it’s Friday! The students are already gearing up for final projects which begin in a few weeks with some great bands coming in to record with us. Over the past week they’ve been working hard on their mixing skills both for analog and digital. We went into a bit of the basics of mastering and we’ll touch some more upon that in coming weeks. We’ve begun the scheduling and layout of the sessions for final projects. How long each instrument is going to be slotted for…two hours for drums for this song, 3 hours for bass overdubs, that kind of thing. We’ve been assembling a set-up list as we go to select which mics and gear we’ll be using and even more importantly…the “why” behind each particular choice! Why we should utilize one microphone for a certain instrument, or style of voice is the most important reason for doing this type of exercise. WHY does one piece of gear sound better than a similar piece of gear of the same general functionality?…That is the question.

Right now, our Institutional Director Carolan, is leading a discussion about career opportunities in the recording arts and music production, interview tactics, job hunt tools and everything else which pertains to the students career after attending DHI. I just sat in for a few minutes and the information is straight-forward and useful. Lots of good give and take going on here.

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