Micing Drums, EQ on the Drums – Essential Skills in the Recording Arts Field

All day today in THE LODGE, we have been working on this part of the craft.  Digging into what is really an art AND a science.  Experts in the field of recording arts will tell you drum sounds make the record, and often take the longest to “get right.” Drummers and producers will literally change studios just because they don’t like the sound of the drum room.  We’ve had a very active discussion much of the day on EQ applications and norms.  Mic angles, heights etc.

Work-shopping our way through different mic set-ups and gear choices.  The Neumann U87 was for certain the work-horse today.  4 of our students are still here even though class has officially “ended” for the day. This is always a sign to us, that on a level of positive attitude and professionalism we have some folks who are understanding what it takes to succeed, and they are having fun doing it.

Tuesday we have a well-known drummer and producer visiting with the students to share his experiences and thoughts from the many years he has spent in the recording arts industry.  We’re all looking forward to this session.


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