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Organizing Cables in your Home Recording Studio

Studios come in all shapes, sizes and colors.  The Gear you use in it will vary depending on how tolerant your neighbors are, but one thing that stays the same is the importance of keeping your home recording studio organized.  Organization of cables and wires will keep you from tugging on  wires, taking more time […]

How to Make Money offering Music Services

Home studios have obviously sprung up like dandelions with the accessibility of affordable and high quality gear.  So have musicians recording in their closets and basements.  So why aren’t you capitalizing off of it?  You can make money offering music services that these home recording musicians can’t do themselves. What you offer is up to […]

DHI Graduate a Finalist in CMT’s Listeners’ Choice Awards

Recent DHI Grad Clinton Zehr and his writing partner Meaghan Campbell are one of ten finalists in the CMT Listeners’ Choice Awards.  Out of over 2,000 submissions we are excited for Clinton and Meaghan, but they need your help!  You can help them win by going to the Contest’s Website or click on the image above and vote […]

Feeding the Passion to Succeed in the Music Industry

Danielle’s Story I’ve been thinking a lot about how amazing it is to know the hundreds of thousands of stories living in this town, hungry and thirsty for one simple thing: To succeed in the music industry.  At 25 years old, I have graduated from college with a degree that I can’t say that I necessarily […]

What’s the Difference between a Producer and an Audio Engineer

A common mislabeling that occurs is thinking the producer and an audio engineer are the same person.  The 2 have become synonymous since today, a lot of producers actually engineer and vice versa.  It’s often overlooked that they hold different roles.  A lot of young people getting into the business, say they just wanna be […]

How Do I Start a Career in the Music Industry

It’s a dream for anyone that enjoys music to land a job in Nashville, Los Angeles or New York in the Music Industry.  It’s were the songs you love so much are created from nothing to selling millions of copies.  For many it’s a dream to sit in the studio while the magic happens, sit […]

Market Yourself in the Music Industry: Blogging

What better way is there to show you are experienced and knowledgeable than with a blog?  This is a great way to show how smart you are to a global audience without sounding like a know it all!  This can be a great springboard for an opportunity or even a job in the Music Industry. […]

Tutorial Tuesday: How to Get the most while Recording Vocals

   When it comes to recording vocals, there a lot of things to factor in.  Since the voice is the only instrument that can’t be blamed for sounding bad, you have to take extra care with vocalists.  From the first timer to the veteran, there are things that you as an engineer or producer can […]

Market yourself in the Music Business: The Big 3 Social Media Sites

“Making it” in the music business takes a lot more today than it did 10-20 years ago.  But the great thing is that there are many more ways to get your name out in front of important individuals. What if I told you you could use twitter and facebook for more than creeping on your […]

What we look for in a candidate for our Audio Engineering Program

Hello everyone!  My name is Tony Bostic and I head up admissions for Dark Horse Institute in Franklin, TN.  This premier audio engineering school is based on a principle that traditional classrooms, and college experiences, miss the mark when it comes to training the next generation of audio engineers.   It is our belief that the […]

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