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How To Safely Put A Microphone On A Stand

This may seem like common sense to some people but this is very important if you’re new to the industry. You do not want to be the new guy that broke a microphone putting it on the stand. Whenever you are dealing with microphone, whether it belongs to you or not, you should treat it […]

What Is The Best Condenser Microphone Under $200?

If you are on a budget and really need a solid microphone that will do the job, what should you buy? Recording Hacks has an indepth review on 7 microphones in the $200 price range. They took these microphones and recorded a couple different instruments and have the results as a blind test, letting you […]

Will Mastering Fix A Mix?

No. Plan and simple, if the mix isn’t good, mastering won’t fix it. Mastering is something that is commonly confused and misunderstood. Mastering engineers make small surgical changes and bring the mix up to level, they don’t make big changes or adjust individual pieces of a mix. So if your mix isn’t sounding its best […]

Led Zeppelin – “When the Levee Breaks” – Stairwell Drum Sounds

Story: An iconic drum sound to say the least, this drum sound came from just 2 microphones set up in a stairwell. “Bonham set up his kit at the bottom of Headley Grange’s three-story stairwell. Engineer Andy Johns recalls placing two Beyerdynamic M160 ribbon microphones at the top of the stairwell in a stereo configuration. […]

Saving Your Data – Audio Tip of the Week from Colin Heldt Here at DHI.

Sometimes the most simple advice….can also be some of the most important. Nothing worse than losing your previous 8 hours worth of mixing…well perhaps if you lose the previous 16.

Recent DHI Graduate Justin Mehl Shares Some of His Thoughts on Our Audio Engineering Program

“My first impression of Dark Horse Studio was at best overwhelming. A few hours into the program had my level of knowledge past the point of trying it on my own for two years. Accelerated is the only way to describe how you learn here. As you’re moving along all the pieces start coming together […]

A Greeting from Carolan – Our Director

Hello all it’s Jeff again! Your Blog-posting “dude.” Carolan is our Director here at DHI and the heart and soul of our program. For that reason I’m re-posting a video clip we shot with her some months back. From her time in film out in Hollywood working with Olivia Newton John…to her time spent at […]

Audio Tip of the Week from Staff Engineer & Instructor Colin Heldt – File Management

With the Graduation listening party and BBQ all occurring simultaneously last Friday – we didn’t get to post this audio tip of the week. The day was worth it though. The graduates from our early spring class all did such a great job and we feel they have bright futures ahead. Many will be moving […]

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