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Learn How To Solder

If you are an audio engineer and you looking for a way to broaden your skills, learning how to solder can be a very valuable skill to have. Often times issues that arise with gear in the studio can be fixed simply by re-soldering a cable or solder joint that has come loose. So how […]

The Future of Audio Interface Connections: Thunderbolt

You may or may not have heard of the newest high speed data connection on the market by the name of Thunderbolt. If not you are in the right place Thunderbolt is a revolutionary new connection for your laptop or desktop computer. It has data transfer rates that simply blow previous Firewire and USB connections […]

Home Studios Challenge The Big Guys

Could you image your home studio competing at the same level as a commercial studio? Well there is a very interesting article that i found in the Tennessean that asks this very question. With the amount of people in the Nashville area that have home studios, the entire industry has been flooded, and the value […]

Recording A Band In A Small Space Live

So what if you don’t have the budget to book a large studio to record and you have a 4 or 5 piece band? A lot have bands have moved to recording their records at home, in their living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. So how can you record live band in their living room […]

Commit To Your First Mix

A lot of the time we can get a good mix the first time but because of our insecurity or our want to experiment we end up spending more time over mixing than we should. More often than not if you over mix something the best thing to do is to backtrack to what your […]

Use Phase To Balance Your Mix

This is a great trick that can help you get those tricky stereo tracks perfectly balanced in you mix. So if record a anything from an acoustic guitar to a 50 person choir using a stereo miking technic and you get them into the mix and they sound a little left o right heavy, what […]

The Acoustic Guitar

The acoustic guitar has played a huge role in american music history. There isn’t a music genre today that hasn’t incorporated the acoustic guitar in someway or another. So as an audio engineer, it is pretty important to know as much as you can about acoustic guitar; like style, size, material, and brand. There are […]

Build A Better Mix With Less Effort

We can spend so much time when we are mixing trying to get the perfect reverb or delay and concentrating so much on the small things that we do not remember what really makes a mix. It is easy to over use plugins and get caught up in automation and effects. A good mix starts […]

The Basics Of Digital Audio

Digital Audio has revolutionized the recording industry and has become the norm of modern day recording. So what is Digital Audio? By definition digital audio is a mathematical representation of an analog sound signal using binary code. As you can imagine there is a lot of complicated mathematics and science involved with digital audio, but […]

Being An Audio Engineer On A Budget

I don’t need to tell you how expensive microphones are or how much recording studios cost. So how do you afford becoming an audio engineer? This can be a fun rewarding experience and starting out as an Audio Engineer on a budget can give you the opportunities to learn some very valuable life skills. One […]

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