Demystifying Monitor Placement: How to Place Speakers in your Studio

One of the biggest puzzles and most frustrating problems Professional and Home studios have is: Where do I put the monitors?  In this Awesome Tutorial you can find out why monitors are put where.  It is not as complicated as you may think, but it’s also much more important than just putting them anywhere.  Here’s a couple tips to remember for optimal monitor placement. -DO NOT place them on their sides.  This is tempting especially if they are very tall.  You may see pictures in professional studios (ours included) that they may be.  But these are just reference monitors for talkback and non essential elements.  The reason being is that speakers are made to be paired for a perfect stereo balance.  Putting them on their sides changes where the components of the speakers are located, therefore changing the sound.    Not too mention a lot of monitors are designed to support the rest of the mechanism standing up.  You may stress certain components and parts causing the life span to decline.  There are some manufacturers that design horizontial cabs or even speakers that can be put either way.  But most are meant to stand straight up for a reason. -You and the two speakers should be an equilateral triangle. UnderstandingStudioMonitors_Placement_1_big     -Place the speakers at least 8-12 inches from the wall. -As tempting as it may be, DO NOT put them in corners. -Keep them even distance from either side wall.  how far depends on the depth of your desk or console. -Use Absorption.  We just posted 2 great cheap DIY’s for build your own Diffusers and Acoustic Panels. -The Tweeters should be at ear level. -Your desk should sit at the front quarter of the room. With these tips, you can achieve optimal monitor placement.  It can take some time to get it just right, but break out the tape measure and it will cut your time in half.

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