How old are your Ears? Take this test to find out!

We stumbled across this video and not only found it informative but very important.

Listen with Headphones for an accurate read and we’ll meet you after the video.

So how old are your Ears?  And why is this important?

Your ears in the music business are extremely important, they are your well being, it’s like fingers to a piano player or eyes to a photographer.  Here’s the problem: Your hearing fades really quick!  It’s not surprise that musicians and sound people, especially live sound, tend to lose their hearing quicker than others.  This is because of the volume we listen to music at.

Loud Music

Concerts have gotten louder and more obnoxious than ever before, and if you are leaving your ears unprotected, you are in big trouble.

We have posted many blogs and posts about proper levels to mix.  But this is something that we have to be cognoscente of constantly.

How many times do you see videos in the studio with engineers and producers sitting in front of the console listening to a mix incredibly loud?  Usually never, especially if they are successful and educated.


This isn’t our way of saying “Turn down that Skrillex”, but it’s a tangible way for YOU to judge if you’re abusing your hearing.  If you can’t hear what you should at your age, you should probably change your method of listening to music.  Never be afraid to wear ear plugs at a concert or loud venue either.  What’s more important, looking cool, or having a long successful career?



The More you know



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