Do I have to Be a Musician to be a Music Producer?

You don’t have to learn how to play a instrument to be a music producer but if you, do could help in your musical production career, because you will understand both the art side and the science side of music production. If you attend a music production school such as Dark Horse Institute, much of what you learn will help you start your career either in studio production or live music production.
Learn how to use a soundboard. Learn how to use multiple computer programs. Some of the major pop producers use programs such as Cakewalk Sonar, Reason, Pro Tools and one, which is good to start of with Cubase. Try your hand at doing punk, ska, rock, rap, r&b, country, funk, jazz, and the likes. The more genre’s in which you are comfortable, the broader your horizons will be, and the more clients you can have.

Start networking. Create business cards
. Tell your family and friends you’re producing music. Post bulletins around your neighborhood. You will get clients in no time, if your prices are reasonable. Charge cheaply per hour, or per song. Do you have a cousin who is a great singer? Produce a demo for them. A uncle who has a niche for playing the tuba. Produce them, but remember usually keep family and business separate. This is just good common sense.

Get an internship at a production company or studio. Sure, its tough work, but you might get some free time in a real recording studio. Soon you might be more trusted and earn a paycheck.

If you simply study passionately on something you love, such as learning to be an engineer or producer at a music production school, and then go for it. If you have the passion, the drive, the people skills and the knowledge….you may have a future in this challenging, but exciting field.

Never stop loving music. Don’t lose interest, and don’t give up if you love what you’re doing…..

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