Day 1 of Final Recording Projects at Dark Horse Institute

Today downbeat was at 10am as Tammy Rochelle and her band began work on a new 6-song EP. Mixing styles ranging form Americana, to Pop to R & B, Rochelle always has a trick up her sleeve which even leave her long-time fans pleasantly surprised as to what they’re getting with her artistry. Today and tomorrow the basic foundation of each song are being tracked by our students at DHI. Drums, bass, acoustic rhythm guitars, electric rhythm and lead as well as scratch vocals got cut on the first 4 songs today, so we got a lot don. The students set up the session from mic placement to patch bay assignments, to tracking each take until they got it right.

For the rest of this week, we’ll be working on overdubs, lead parts, fiddle, keys etc. Great players in the studio today, true pros who are really nailing every lick. Next week our band of 9 will be mixing, editing and mastering this project.

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