Flying Faders, Analog Reels, All Kinds of Tracking With Their Hands on the Wheel

The past week or so has been bursting at the seams full of activity.. with our students (several of whom are actually strong musicians) micing drums, acoustic guitars and tracking to both digital and analog, learning the flying fader systems and really getting down the the nitty-gritty with the patch bays. As usual, we have a core group who seem to stay late many nights to really take advantage of the open studio time and they really seem to be both learning at a good pace and having a blast!

Also, a few of our students are befriending our engineering interns and learning more through them, and along the same vein, it’s nice to see that two of LAST sessions students have become new interns here at Dark Horse! One on the business side, and one on the studio side.

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