Jo Dee Messina, Kandi and Real Atlanta Housewives

Good times this week at Dark Horse. In class we’ve been doing some heavy-duty breaking down and analyzing of mixes. We’ve had a blast tearing these well known songs apart, and really listening to the creative decisions that were made along the way.

For the 2nd time in the past few weeks our students have been able to listen and observe a true pro, Jo Dee Messina, as she cut a few new tunes here at Dark Horse. Today, she was actually joined by Grammy-winning Songwriter and Pop-Star Kandi on a duet they’ve worked on together. Also, the entire “event” was shot as part of a future episode of the hit TV show, “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” So as you can imagine, with the TV crew here and entourages from both artists, today was pretty hopping at DHI.

A few days ago, we were entertained by a few of our students who stayed behind after class and turned one of our studios into their own personal Karaoke Lounge for a few hours. It was a great time, and we enjoyed seeing them let loose and bond with each. The comradarie seems to be growing and growing with this group of students.

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