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Battle of the Bands

DHI’s Battle of the Bands will pit 64 bands in a head to head, bracket style competition that lets the fans decide the winner. The top 64 bands will be separated into 4 divisional brackets. Each band will face 1 band a week. The band that receives the most votes in their division bracket will then compete for votes against a new band until they reach the final slot. Let the Games Begin!

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How it Works:

Each band will be paired up with another band.  For one week the two bands will battle against each other for votes, you encourage fans and friends to vote for your video hosted on this page.  At the end of the week the band that receives the most votes will move on to the next bracket to face off against the winner of the adjoining bracket, each band will start with 0 votes at the beginning of the next week.  (Think of the NCAA Basketball Tournament).

See the Example below:

Bracket Sample

The Competition will start off with either 64 or 32 bands depending on the submissions.  We will do this until there are 2 bands remaining.  The Final 2 bands will face off and then the top fan vote getter will be crowned the DHI Battle of the Bands Champion!

The Winner will receive 2 weeks at Dark Horse Institute recording, mixing and mastering a 6 song EP.  Along with Housing on Site!

See the Official Rules for More Info!

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