Graduate Reeve Powers Just Finished A European Tour

Dark Horse Institute Student Guitar Performance

As you know, we love to tell you about the successes of our graduates. Often, we’ll tell you about a Dark Horse recording school graduate getting hired at a studio or company in the industry or at live sound companies. This time we’re happy to tell you about Reeve Powers, who is following his dreams playing bass with the band Beach Weather and just finished up a European tour. He’s also played with other artists in the past including a stint on the Warped Tour.

Reeve’s Advice For Success

When Reeve isn’t playing with other artists he’s busy writing and recording his own music as Reeve Powers and the Revelries. He owes much of his success to his work ethic of always learning. Reeve offers some solid advice to people working on their craft, “Learning never ends. In and out of the classroom, never stop gaining knowledge of your craft. You will never know everything, but how beautiful is that! Every day you have time to learn something new that will lead to another opportunity.”


About his time in our Audio Engineering Program, Reeve said “Dark Horse was a game changer for me because it has expanded my knowledge and sharpened my senses for sound overall. I feel way more comfortable in a studio and on a stage. Studio reasons are obvious… I can communicate WAY better with the producers / engineers & even hop in to do the work myself when needed. But, it helped with my knowledge on tour as well, because the information we learn at dark horse can crossover to live sound as well which helped me communicate better with the techs at venues! I’m a musician more than I am an audio engineer any day, but having the skills to do both has opened many opportunities for me since completing the course. These days knowing how to do a bit of everything is crucial.”

We see a lot of students in our program wearing both the musician and engineer hats. As technology continues to make recording accessible to more people, musicians are finding they need to know more about how to record themselves and find that it gives them the advantage when recording themselves or working in the studio with others. Reeve is one of those who does it very well.

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