What Can You Learn About Audio Engineering In 17 Weeks

That’s right, you can’t.  Have I gone crazy?  Isn’t our program 17 weeks?

No I haven’t gone crazy and yes, we do have a 17 week program.  But what most people say when we say you can learn audio engineering in 17 weeks is, “You can’t possibly learn everything.”

They are 100% right.  Our instructors will be the first to tell you that.  You can’t learn everything there is to know about about audio engineering in 17 weeks.  But we never say that you will learn everything there is to know in 17 weeks or 4 years or even in your entire career.  Just as a doctor will never know everything about a disease, a scientist everything about the universe or a teacher everything about a subject.  Just because you attend a school doesn’t mean you will know all there is to know.

If we were to say you will learn everything there is to know about music production, audio engineering and sound, that would be a lie.  But we can tell you that you can be an Audio Engineer after our course if you apply yourself and continue to learn.  Many of our graduates are doing just that.

So why choose Dark Horse?  Because we will give the need to know secrets and education that it will take to land a job.  Skills like Analog Recording, Digital Recording, Pro Tools, Editing, Media Sound and Live Sound.  You walk in to the studio the first day and walk confidently out the last day, knowing you could walk into a studio and run a successful session.

Just like any other career, you need to continue to learn.  You will learn when things go wrong, when things change and everyday you walk into a studio.  We prepare you to handle those situations and how to grow as a professional.


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