Marketing Yourself in the Music Industry With Social Media and Networking

Next week will be releasing our first ebook “Marketing Yourself in the Music Industry With Social Media and Networking”.  This is an all encompassing guide to marketing yourself, Business or music with social media and networking sites.  Some of the one of the important areas we cover are the use of Hashtags.  Here’s an excerpt from the book!


What are they and why are they important?

A Hashtag # is used to mark a topic.  For example #AGT (America’s Got Talent) if you hashtag AGT, your post can be searched and will be displayed to anyone who wants to see what people are saying about America’s Got Talent.

Why it’s important is when you hashtag something, ANYONE can find it.  This leads to people following you and discovering things you have done and said.  This is extremely important if you #MusicMonday and your new album or #AudioEngineer.  You never know when someone might on a whim search it, find you and offer you a job.  Stranger things have happened.

New Hashtags can be created to attract people to your brand or page.  This is useful to track you’re influence and presence.  If you hashtag your albums title, company name or blog, people can quickly find your material.

Hashtagged words can become popular and “Trend” which means you are popular.

Can I use hashtags anywhere else other than twitter? 

Hashtags are becoming a universal way of categorizing a subject.  Recently Google allowed you to search a #hastag bringing all the popular posts for that hashtag up.  Facebook recently integrated them as well.  They are also functional in Instagram, Tumblr and many other sites and apps.

Genral Hashtag Practice

-Do not use too many hashtags.  Doing so comes off as spam.  Typically keep hashtags under 3 per post.

-Only use a hashtag for relevant and appropriate content.

For example:

“I love Winter #pickeledeggs #Sears #FF” is bad

“Check our some of my #music friends #FF @ladygaga @pink @mumfordandsons” is good.

-Don’t make your hashtags #socomplicatedthatnoonewilleversearchthem

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