What you can do to prepare to attend Dark Horse Institute

We often get asked “How can I prepare to attend Dark Horse Institute?”  There are a lot of ways you can prepare and come in with a leg up  to make your first couple of weeks easier.  The great thing is that there is enough online and in magazines to help you get there.

Learn the basics

This means look up the difference between condenser, Dynamic and Ribbon Microphones.  Check out our blog on just that!  Learn what the difference between Analog and Digital Recording is.  Read about different cables and connectors and why they are used.  These may seem like common sense things, but it can help you develop a running knowledge that will help you in the long run.

Buy a Book

Bill Gibson Recording Books

There are a lot of great recording books out there, some of which you will use in our classes.  Some of our Favorites are the Bill Gibson Recording Method Books.

Bill Gibson’s books are extremely easy to follow, come with instructional DVD’s and can be found relatively cheap.  We love the cover photos too!  He covers topics from INstrument and Vocal Recording, Mixers and Microphones and Audio Loops and Samples.  He also has available the “Audio Pro Home Recording Course which can be read online on Google here.  His books can give you the springboard to a successful stay with us in our program.

Read Magazines

There are a ton of great recording magazines available at newsstands an online.  Recording Magazine, Sound on Sound and Mix are great places to find information about new gear, recording techniques and people in the industry.  Not only do they have their monthly issues but most have websites and blogs with tons of free insight and info.  Magazines like Computer Music and Music Tech are also great since they give samples and demos of plugins, loops and effects.

Get Pro Tools


You don’t need the the full fancy version with all the bells and whistles.  A copy of Pro Tools SE will at least give you what you need to learn basic commands and shortcuts that will make you quicker and more proficient quicker.

If you get an Avid M-Box, it comes with a copy of Pro Tools Express and will also give you an interface you can use!  So if you are in High School, Ask for one for Christmas, tell your parents it’s a learning tool.

Polish your Work Ethic

You are about to enter an industry that demands hard work, humility and passion.  If you don’t have these, you will struggle to stay motivated and happy.  Laugh at your mistakes and know you have to pay your dues.  There is nothing more rewarding that working in the music industry and there is also nothing more challenging.  Even the worst day won’t be as bad as other jobs.


The best way to prepare is to get more information and talk to Tony.  He’s there to answer your questions and help you figure out is Dark Horse Institute is right for you. Fill out the form below to get our free brochure, and if you have any questions, give Tony a call!


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