The Future of Audio Interface Connections: Thunderbolt

You may or may not have heard of the newest high speed data connection on the market by the name of Thunderbolt. If not you are in the right place Thunderbolt is a revolutionary new connection for your laptop or desktop computer. It has data transfer rates that simply blow previous Firewire and USB connections out of the water.
What has already become clear recently is that this is the future for recording studio computers as well. With the announcement of the newest Apple Mac Pro it is clear that using PCI cards is a thing of the past. The new Mac Pro will have 6 ports of the newest version of Thunderbolt which is Thunderbolt 2. This new version doubles the transfer speed from 10Gbps to 20Gbps and will provide amazing expandability to the computer. Avid, Apogee, Universal Audio, and others have already embraced the this new connection and have release audio interfaces that can be connected using Thunderbolt. This is only the beginning and soon we will see many more products available to connect via thunderbolt. To Read More about Thunderbolt Click Here.

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