Learn How To Solder


If you are an audio engineer and you looking for a way to broaden your skills, learning how to solder can be a very valuable skill to have. Often times issues that arise with gear in the studio can be fixed simply by re-soldering a cable or solder joint that has come loose. So how do you get started? First you will need a soldering iron. It is best to get a soldering iron that has a 25watt power rating. If you are serious about doing a large amount of soldering I would advise doing some research and buying a professional soldering iron. It is best to start with soldering connectors so i would get a couple xlr or quarter inch connectors and cables to practice with. You will then need wire strips and cutters and of course the solder itself. Once you have all of this you can start practicing and making your own cables. I strongly advise researching and using safe soldering practices because the heat of a soldering iron can be very dangerous.READ MORE

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