What Makes Us Different…

Now, I’m not saying that in any shape or form, our students will be involved in a session such as the one I’m getting ready to mention.  BUT, this does separate us from most other schools and colleges offering programs in recording arts, music production, audio engineering etc.  To reiterate, we are an extremely unique, full-fledged multi studio complex, laid out in the “disguise” of a ranch, or Colorado ski lodge if you will.  There are some big-name artists who find our vibe and level of service very attractive.  And while we are located here in the home of Country music, that is not the only type of big-name artist who has recorded here.  This summer for example, Matchbox 20 is staying with us and working on a new album, WITH Rob Thomas for the next 3 months.  A few of our Audio Engineer interns are assigned to take care of their every need, and other than that we let them be…of course.  But, I guess what I’m saying is you can tell, just by hearing snippets of the 30 or 40 songs they’ll be working on this summer, and by their intensity, and the joy in our interns eyes they are getting from working with such a big Rock act that this is heady stuff.  One never knows from where the “manna” floweth…Before them, we’ve had Relient K, Jars of Clay, Jaci Velasquez, Jewel and many more here at “The Horse.”





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