Automated Dialogue Replacement for Commercials

Or, ADR as it’s commonly known. We worked hard, but had a lot of fun working with commercials and animated shorts as the students got a first hand look and feel for a field that may in the long run, be a great fit for several of their talents. As we keep discussing, there are far more opportunities in this field than simply working behind a board in a studio. As a matter of fact, that is the last place, many of these students will inevitably end up. Whether it’s in post-production audio in the world of TV, Film or Web-broadcasting, or running live sound on a Cruise Ship, Opera Hall or Mega Church, the different directions that can be taken with the knowledge gained here are numerous. Earlier this week, our recording students continued to hone their Pro Tools knowledge and skills working on mixing preparation, cleaning up tracks and cross-fading edits.

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