Pro Tools – Let’s Start at the Beginning…a Very Good Place to Start

So yesterday, Colin began on what is arguably the most important section of this course with the class. In teaching the rudimentary aspects of Avid Pro Tools, we are initiating the process of of giving our students the knowledge to operate the system which has been the standard in bringing recorded music to life for many, many years now. Once analog starting going the way of the dinosaur and sadly, the record store….Pro Tools was of course the wave of the future and now, with periodic updates to the program is still the primary bread-winner…staple of digital recording.

When one talks about bit depths and sample rates, what is really being communicated is how digital audio is actually recorded when compared with analog. This understanding is crucial, if one truly desires to be a top flight sound engineer. As we move through the week and gain the knowledge we need to progress, we’ll be heading with the class towards creating the session templates, in other words setting up the layout of an actual recording session.

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