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Home Studio Mistakes you are Probably Making

We love Home Studio.  I know that sound like Taylor Swift saying she loves Kanye, but we are realistic and believe Home Recording and Professional Studios can live hand and hand.   I came across this blog by Graham and the Recording Revolution (who if you don’t read and follow you should.)  He explains what […]

Gear We Love: Genelec 8010 Studio Monitor

Space in our studios has become a valuable commodity.  Home Studios, Vans and portable studios are becoming more prevalent due to advances in technology making it easier to take everything you need with you.  One area that remained a problem was lugging around heavy, expensive and delicate monitors.  The Genelec 8010 has made that a […]

The Plug Life ain’t Easy: How to Identify Jacks and Plugs

For an Audio Engineer, Producer or even Home Studio the importance of  how to identify jacks and plugs is as important as breathing.  Mark my words that someday someone will walk in with a piece of gear and say, “Can I just plug this in?”  For the most part jacks and plugs (or connectors if […]

How to use Beat Detective Correctly and Efficiently

Beat Detective is designed to help speed up the editing process of drums. It aligns recorded tracks by cutting and nudging regions toward the grid.  There is a simple process to follow so that you may do so efficiently and correctly. Always Duplicate the playlists that you intend to edit before changing anything.  This is a […]

Home Recording: How You Can Get a Head Start on Your Career

  Home Recording There seems to be a perception that professional studios, hate the idea of home studios.  I suppose this comes from the digital take over of everything else like newspapers, magazines and anything else you can download.  The truth is a home studio will never have the budget or flexibility of a professional […]

DIY Home Studio: Vocal Booths Large and Small

In the Home Studio World, the Holy Grail seems to be your own Iso, or vocal, booth.  This seems to be the measuring stick by which your home studio will be judged.  The reason being is that you can find at least 10 different variations to create or record vocals from home.  The most popular […]

Demystifying Monitor Placement: How to Place Speakers in your Studio

One of the biggest puzzles and most frustrating problems Professional and Home studios have is: Where do I put the monitors?  In this Awesome Tutorial you can find out why monitors are put where.  It is not as complicated as you may think, but it’s also much more important than just putting them anywhere.  Here’s […]

Do It Yourself Studio: Acoustic Panels under $40 Each

A couple weeks ago we found a great video on building your own diffusers, this sparked conversation and a lot of folks wanted to see if there was a cheap and easy way to make your own acoustic panels.  We found a great tutorial on Home Music Productions’  youtube channel.  There are Many ways to make […]

Do it Yourself Studio: $20 Sound GOBO at Home

We stumbled across this cool DIY after receiving requests on how to make one of these gobos.  There are a couple of ways you can do this but Dave Eric Smith, wins the prize for most functional and creative!  And he is featured in this edition of our Do it Yourself Studio Blog!  Check out […]

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