Headphone Mix In The Studio


You may not think of it this way but, a good headphone mix in the studio can make a huge difference in the outcome of the sessions. In some ways the headphones are the biggest part of a session and without a good mix, the players and singer won’t be able to hear and performer at their best. So whenever you are getting ready for a session you should throughly test the headphone system to make sure everything is working and everybody wil be able to hear each other. You should always run signal through every single chain to make sure it is getting to the headphones and make sure the signal is clean and sounds the way it should. Also you should make sure every set of headphones is stereo and in-phase. By throughly testing the system you will be able to eliminate any problems and help the session be a complete succes. It is not good when a session gets held up because of headphone problems and it can really affect how the artist performs. So the more you can be sure that ever little thing is tested and working, the better the session will go. READ MORE

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